The Other Pair Is Bright, The Other Pair Is Worn Out

I’d been visiting this store to look for a flip flops, I was able to spot one pair. And I said to myself that I will buy that pair of flip flops, it has a huge discount on it. It does not look new but I know it would long last; the brand is famous with its durability. But when I was ready to buy the pair of sleeper, geez when they took the other pair from the stock room, the other one still has the bright color and the display one does not have anymore, it looks very old and it is already worn out. I can’t wear the pair because it seems like it does not match at all. I told the staff that maybe they should display both so they would look the same if they want it to be sold out. So I went around the department store instead and hoped I could buy one for me as I really need one pair because my other pair got busted already.

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