Goodbye My Sketchers Flip Flops

Geez after it was almost lost when we went to Tagum to compete; I think my Sketchers Flip Flop is now giving up. I can see the Thong is loosened and anytime soon it will detach. Good thing I bought a pair of sandal last May and that is what I am using now but it is not comfortable at all when I need to go to school or to the swimming pool, I need a flip flops to wear. I guess after I would pay all my bills this month then I will buy another pair of flip flops. I already seen one pair in the mall and it costs P2, 300.00; I have to save for it. I hope before the end of this month I can buy that pair. Why that? While I can see any other pair which is not that costly, oh well that brand is famous with its quality and durability I guess I can use it for years before it would give up.

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