Almost Lost

Yesterday right after our car was fixed; I put all our luggage then in the car to go to Tagum right away. We started travelling at quarter of 5, and we arrived in Tagum past 7 in the evening already.  I was ready to go out then when I noticed that the other pair of my flip flops is lost. I tried to look for it under the carpet but there is nothing there so I just wear the one that I am using in the car.  I messaged my niece if she saw the other pair of my flip flop near the gate but she told me she did not see any flip flop outside or inside the gate. I was worried because the flip flops; the one who bought it is my husband when he was here the last time. It was my special request to him if he could me buy a Sketcher Flip Flops, the price was not that cheap when we bought it so I was really disappointed to myself when I found out it was lost.

But when we arrived home today, I saw the other pair in the bedroom. I asked Mariel about it and she was smiling, she just fooled me! Anyway I am just so happy that my other pair is here at home and not in the street.

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