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Not Losing Points Anymore For This Rubber Shoes

I maybe not lucky with other things but what I am sure about is I am so rich with friends. I have proven that for so many times now, a friend is always there to lend a hand even you are not telling and even you are just telling them we are still okay yet they could sense that I might need some help.

I was so glad that a friend sent my eldest daughter some bucks for her to buy a new rubber shoes for P.E. My eldest daughter has been bugging me to buy her a pair of white rubber shoes because she would lose some points if she will not wear the white ones but before the classes started I already told her that as of the moment I can’t afford to buy her anything except for the school requirements. But a friend offered us a help for Mj. I am so touched that even in my most despair, somebody would listen not only listening but who is there to give you a hand. My friend, you just don’t know how you made Mj so happy that day; she won’t lose points anymore with her wearing the white rubber shoes. She did not only buy the rubber shoes, she also bought some pair of socks with the gift you sent her. Thank you very much!  You know who you are, thank you for always being there.

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