What Is Stretch Marks?

During pregnancy we could not avoid that our stomach will be stretch, which is exactly the cause of having stretch marks in our stomach. We can also get stretch mark when sometime of our lives we became obese and then during loss of weight, stretch mark can possibly see in our tummy. Stretch mark can’t only be seen in the stomach, but in our buttocks, thighs, hips and or breasts. So you see the causes of stretch marks when your skin got excessively stretch or you have rapid lose weight.

There is no reliable evidence that creams or ointments can cure or can get rid of the stretch marks away but you can try to apply creams or ointments that are rich of Tri-Derm actives. Who knows it can be the answer of our agony for our stretch marks, one article said though that Tri-Derm actives can be effective as long as you continue using it.

You may also try to look for a product that has the ingredients of rebuilding collagen, remember that applying such creams is not like spices that would get sting in your tongue right away but if you want to see good results, you may have to be patient on applying it every day for best results.

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