Almost Revealing Gown Of Rihanna’s

Putting on a very witty see-throw gown, R&B Rihanna has made all the people turned around her as she walked down in the red carpet of New York’s Lincoln Center. For this she has been awarded as the fashion icon of the year for wearing such a very fortitude style. Rihanna’s revealing sheer Swarovski crystal overlaying dress left the people around with little imagination. Definitely she stole the show as she walked with a proud gait. The see throw gown reveals almost her private innermost and it is only covered with pinky furry scarf that is always around her arms down to the bottom. The singer even said during her acceptance speech “Fashion should never be frustrating, it should be fun.” Netizens has reacted with the gown that she wore, some said it is fearless however of course you cannot please everyone and that they said it is lacked of class.

 photo 060314_rihanna-1_zpsb10e5e78.jpg

Photo not mine

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