School Shopping

Mj and Faith classes will start next week; some of the school though will start tomorrow. Yes, it is almost start of classes but I still didn’t buy school things for Faith and Mj. Mj expected me to buy her a new bag and new school shoes but I told her that we might buy first Faith’s school materials. I am really in tight budget this time especially that I decided to quit my training. I just hope that we can still cope even when I don’t have a job not to mention that I also have to enroll Moreen. She’s a scholar but I need to pay her balance last school semester because the organization that she was in before did not pay it, the result we were the one shouldering the expenses. Although we are in a tight budget this time, it still didn’t stop us from enjoying the beach a while, Faith enjoyed playing in the sand so much. I know I have to mind the school materials of my two kids but it is good to see them laughing in the sand once in a while I will just mind the shopping of school materials this week.

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