When Offered I Easily Give In

I went to the mall one day and somebody offered me of a blush on-make up, it can also be used for the eyes. The staffs were the one who put the blush on, one staff even trimmed my eye brow, I love the outcome, and one ironed my hair. I love they put the make-up on me but the thing I didn’t like was they keep on offering me things. They offered me the iron, a brassiere and some other stuff while what I only want to buy is the blush on. I mean I am delighted that they did a makeover to my hair but they are very insistent that the moment the lady done with my make-up I hurriedly walk away. The brassiere was only a support to another bra; it was only P140.00 from the original price P500.00 so I thought it is not bad at all, and besides I can use that at work.

I almost gave in with the iron though however my money was not enough and I still have so many things I need to prioritize yet. This is what I don’t like when I caught up between offers because most of the time I am vulnerable to buy the things I don’t really need.

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