A Summer Dress and A Bubbly Pair Of Slipper

 photo HPIM2809.jpg

The other day, my youngest daughter and I went out to the mall to shop for a Hawaiian costume. I do not have any idea what is a Hawaiian Costume, what I had in mind is a flowery dress and good thing that I saw many flowery summery dress in the Department store and this dress is the one she picked up.

Of course since the party stated that we should wear Hawaiian costumes, I also bought a slipper for her. I saw these bubbly slippers and I guess it is the perfect match of her dress.

 photo HPIM2808.jpg

This is the pair of slipper that I bought for her to wear for her classmate’s party. She was delighted to ever wear what we shopped the other day. She was even so excited to attend the party.

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