Remembrance From Working Last Summer

Today was supposedly my assessment in the call center that I filled up over the Internet but until now I could not still decide. I look around, I am trying to find myself and trying to find an answer whether I should go for the assessment or not. Until I found my pair of sandals in the corner, I remember I bought this pair blue of wedge sandal when I worked in the call center last summer. I bought this one because the wedge that I wore that time on my way to work was soaking wet because of the flood. It was raining cats and dogs that time but I don’t have any choice I have to work to meet their requirements for incentives. Since my wedge was all very wet, I dropped by at the mall to buy another wedge. I have to choose real quick or else I will be late.

 photo 20140403_081226.jpg

Honestly, I miss going to work!

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