I Guess I Deserve a Reward

Yes it is a tough and rough day for you and yeah it is okay to breathe or to make a sweet escape by rewarding yourself for a nice dress or have a meal out. But here’s the truth of it all you should not think emotionally about money but logically. You should see it to make money more and not as a way to reward yourselves.

For an instance you are in a store and you just shop and shop because you think you need some breather and one of your ways are shopping right there and then. Here’s what you should do, try to add up all you shop during the month or past months and you may surprise of how much you have spent during the past months. Then after adding up, add that amount to your savings account and check how much could you have saved? I tell you would also be surprised of the amount you could have saved if you follow the rules of buy the things you need and not what you just want.

Here’s one to inspire you

Instead of buying something that you want, buy the peace of mind that money is steadily growing in your account.

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