Being A Mom Is Hard But Being Fashionable Is Not Bad

Because I’m determined to learn to be fashionable, whenever I decide of what to pick for dresses, what to shopped when I have the time to go to the mall, it is going to bring me more joy and aside from that it would help me looked fashionably genius. So from time to time, I read fashion news or magazine to know what is trending today. It is already given that I am super clueless of the fashion today, I am a mom of two and I thought it won’t fit me to be fashionable at all, oh well I was wrong because even a mom should look at their best.

When I attended a seminar last week, one of the topics that the speaker tackled is to be presentable in every way, because if you do positive vibes will come to you. Sigh since I don’t pay attention of how to look good I didn’t even know what are the lucky colors to wear for this year. On the other note, it is not too late to find what are the lucky colors to wear for this year so I search for which color to bring fortunes I know this is not true but there is no harm to follow for it right? All shades of green and brown, not bad I have one of those. With those lucky colors, of course it should fit in the fashion trends for this year. And since spring is coming your fashion should match the season and there are varieties of clothes you may choose, Ms. sixty look can be a hit and casual clothing as well.

I know being a mom is not easy at all, you will tend to get so busy every day but that is not excuse to look good and to be fashionable at times. Treat yourself in the mall, ask some sales lady to assist you of choosing some fashion wears and wear it in your special day and I tell you there is nothing wrong with that.

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