Nurse Costume

Last Saturday, my youngest daughter and I went to the mall to look for nurse costume, their school have this memorabilia that they need to wear something that match of their dreams. I asked her what she would want when she grows up and she answered right away she want to be a nurse. I thought to just make a nurse cap but I just don’t know how, so I just drag her to the mall and checked if they have a nurse cap available. But first she needs to have a costume, we went to the linen section but they don’t have nursing wear available for Faith, so I bought a fabric cloth for her and we will just hire somebody to sew her costume. After we bought the things she needed for her nurse costume, we went to the pool right away.

This afternoon, I tag her to the sewer, and have her size measured. She said it will be ready on Tuesday, which is just right because their pictorial will be on Thursday yet. I am so excited for her to wear her dream in the future. I wish she would really follow her dreams.

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