Semi Satchel and Weekend Bag

I need a wide bag so I can store all the things that I want to bring. Yes even though I am not working already, I still have so many things inside my bag. The bag that I shopped last December is so small for me. So every day I keep on re-organizing my things to have all the things arrange in my bag. Recently, our neighbor offered me a Lacoste Bag, when I asked if I could have it and pay later she said yes. She brought the green Lacoste bag yesterday but it is too large so I asked to bring me a medium size and the color brown and she did this morning. After doing my Zumba she is already in our gate, delivering my new Lacoste, medium size bag. For me it looks like a weekend bag because of it space but it is with style so it is like semi weekend and satchel kind of bag.

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