Colorful Hair Clips

Like I said to some of my blogs, I am just so thankful that one of our guests during Faith’s birthday thought to give my daughter set of hair clips and headbands. It has been a while since I haven’t buy clips for Faith because I always get disappointed, she tend to lose it at school that every time she’s out in the classroom, her hair clips are missing and most often they are nowhere to be found. Yesterday, I saw her playing inside the classroom and the clips were not on her hair anymore, when she went out she is already holding it, at least this time it is not lost. Here are the hair clips that she received on her birthday, thank you sponsors:

 photo HPIM2698.jpg

Aren’t those colorful, my favorite for this clips are the first pair because it could hold hair tight and it won’t easily loosened so there is a slim chance for it to be lost.

 photo HPIM2699.jpg

These hair clips are such a cutie, but Faith’s hair tends to slide so this one would be easily removed from her hair. What we do when we put these clips on her hair, we pushed it forward so to grip so far it works unless she would really remove it.

 photo HPIM2700.jpg

This is lacking one headband; I guess one of Faith’s cousins is using it now. The headband was color blue, my favorite color. When I am in a hurry and I don’t have much time to fix her hair, I just grabbed one of her headbands and so we are set to go.

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