Wedding Gown To JS Prom Gown

The other week, we were talking about gowns in the pool of course, it was February and JS proms were here and there. Ateneo and Stella Marris they held their JS prom in Davao Convention Center. My friend told me there were so many fantastic gowns those girls is wearing. I even wonder how much is the cost of each gown that day, good thing now you can just rent the gown in a shop unlike before whether you have it made or buy it or borrow it from some friends. Kiddingly aside, if gowns are really required when it is Mj’s turn to join JS Prom, I guess I will let her borrow my wedding gown, lol it is just stuck in a box. And it will be wasted if we can’t use it right? Would it transform to be like in JS prom gown? We can save a lot if she uses my wedding gown.

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