Caught Between Shopping And Saving

We need watch every day so to track if we are already late for our appointment. I always wore wrist watch, even if it is so cheap but last summer my husband brought me a new wrist watch, now I always wear it every day. I would feel incomplete if I don’t wear my wristwatch with me. There are times though that I want to change my watch, or wear a different watch each day. I would like to try the Tissot watch brand, they have the nicest feminine style of watch, and I want one for myself. Or at least before the year ends, on my birthday perhaps but sigh I need to save for this, what I am saving right now is the enrollment of my youngest daughter. I am almost there; I know this month the savings can reach up to the enrollment fee of her school. It is not that my husband is not giving me budget for the school but at least through this, I can at least help him with our expenses.

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