Fall Fashion For You

If I am working in the call center right now, I might fell in love with those fall fashion design; in the call center it is always winter because of the air/con that is fully blast every night. I could still remember some of our workmate would wear a bonnet just to cover their head from the cold in the call floor. There are fall winter collection in the malls, just choose a distinct characteristics for you to glow among the rest. You know if you are in a place where winter is totally extreme, you need double thick clothing line but don’t forget that even if it snowing all around you, the fashion should still be showing off. You may try a design that has clean lines with a hint of romantic lace and edgy mesh, or those flattering black dresses with pearl or stud embellishments. Don’t let your artistic side behind, chunky sweaters or bright overcoats can be a hit during cold cold nights its either you are in the states or just here in the Philippines in the cold cold area in the call floor.

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