Jeans On Sale

Yesterday, when my husband wired me some money I asked him if I could buy a pair of jeans for it and I thank him for allowing me. I went to the mall and look for affordable jeans, I wanted to buy the Jag but my budget is only for less than a thousand and the Jag was more than a thousand for new arrival they have Jag’s for discount but those are so unfit to me at all. When I wonder around, I saw that they have jeans that are on sale. I was picking up the street jeans and guess what from P800.00 they sell it for P450.00 and it fitted me well. I didn’t hesitate at all, I bought it right away.

My friend’s son celebrated his birthday on February 5th and I promised him for a gift by next week and because I still have some extra I decided to buy one for him yesterday. The Dickies was on sale too, and since they are known for quality, I picked one shirt for him. I still have some left for tomorrow’s lunch in a restaurant tomorrow.

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