Girl Stuffs For Her

I really have to thank our guests during Faith’s birthday, she received so many gifts and most of it is for girl stuffs.

I don’t know why I always set buying clips aside. She needs it especially when her hair is growing long and headband alone could not fix her hair so I need some clips. Good thing I don’t have to buy some pairs anymore because she received lots of clips, headbands, and pony tails accessories.

Her towel that she is using is from her sister Mj, and she only have one towel now when it needs to be laundry, she doesn’t have any other towel to replace that is in the laundry basket and we end up with borrowing again another towel from her sister or cousin. But on her birthday she received a bathrobe, it is like a towel because she will just wear it and it has a hood too that it can dry her hair. It has a Hello Kitty design that she loves very much.

She also received a shirt that has a print “Mommy” then she got stuffed toys, two horses and Teddy Bear that I displayed on our cabinet. She received a throw pillow that has Pony on it, some toys that she can play, some I hide it in our closet so she can play it the next time.

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