As Long As They Have The Things They Want

As I was thinking what dress should my youngest daughter wear on her birthday, my niece reminded me of her new dress given to her from her Ninang, yeah I almost forgot that. Now I am planning to buy a pair of jeans before her birthday. Yeah I know that I keep on promising myself to buy a pair of jeans but as I’ve mentioned over and over, my budget is not enough for anything extra. I rather buy things for my kids, which they needed than mine. I always set aside of the things I need to buy because of them. That is the pros and cons of being a mother, I mean yeah if I don’t have kids I may have extra money and my pocket is always full but surely my heart is empty. Having kids are truly worthy. So if I have to set aside the things I wanted to have over and over again, it is not matter to me, what matter is that my kids have the things they want to have.

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