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Pampering Themselves Before The Work Starts

If you think that the mall is already very empty this month nope it is not. When we went to the mall last week, I roamed around to park my car but holy cow there is no parking spot available. I needed to park on top just to park our car yet even though that was already on top I have to wait for other car to go out so I can move inside. And there is no other way to park the car except to make it backward. Since we got tired upon parking, my husband and I were looking for a restaurant to eat. After we had our lunch we went to his favorite saloon for nails pampering, I thought since it is already January, the saloon is not crowded anymore but I was wrong, there were even people waiting to be served. Good thing for us, the lady accommodate us right away, we didn’t have to wait the thing was my husband has to sit in another row and me to the other row. I was really surprised of the people rushing in the mall, I thought the Christmas is over yet here they are shopping in the last minute, pampering oneself before the work will start, and or just spending the money that was left.

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