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Close Pointed Shoes

The other day I went to the mall to buy a pair of shoes to wear yesterday. I found one that I think matches with my dress, I wore it yesterday. It was a close pointed shoe. You know I used to wear this kind of shoes but it is different now, my toes were forcedly compressed and it hurts and feels very uncomfortable. Later I was walking not normal at all, my feet were very painful already. Geez, I even thought of wearing it also every Sunday when we have to attend a mass but now I think I can’t wear at all. It will be the same as my other sandal that I bought last year when I was still working. It was so steep that makes me very uncomfortable. On the other hand, I am still hoping that I can still wear it on Sunday and I’ll be able to wear it at least for hours.

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Be Presentable On Your Special Day

I just attended a wedding yesterday, and like most of the wedding when the groom and bride will march along the aisle, we can’t help to get teary eyed. The bride was so blooming with her makeup and her gown is really so stunning, the groom was also looking handsome with his tuxedo. For the groom it is really important to look for the best tuxedo especially with this kind of event. I mean yeah you would only wear it one time but this day is very special for you so you have to be very presentable during this special event. Wearing a tuxedo needs not to be expensive because there are many tuxedos for sale that you can choose. You just have to look around, you should make a canvass first, compare the price. You also have to check the quality of the tuxedo otherwise you might end-up of wearing a tuxedo that does not long even for a day.

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