I Am The Only One Who Doesn’t Have New Stuff

Yes I am the only one who does not have new clothes or stuff this year. I planned to buy something new in the last day of the year but I changed my mind since we just moved in and I have so many things I needed to buy for the house. Last Christmas I shopped for my girls at home, I bought a new guitar for Mj, a new doll house for Faith, a new pair of jeans for Mariel and a new school bag for Moreen. But even so I don’t have new stuff before the year-ends. Unlike before, I always make sure that I have a new pair of jeans or new blouse, I mean at least that is a gift for me on Christmas day but even so the feeling is still fulfilling because my wish was just granted and that is to have our own home. Thanks to my husband to have it realized and thanks to my convincing power to make him say yes for this house. Anyway, what about you, do you have new stuff this New Year?

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