I Have A New Gold Necklace This Holiday Season

Yesterday my niece Mariel and I went shopping for foods when we saw a long-time friend from before. She was our neighbour from before and right there and then she offered me jewellery. She is selling some gold jewellery, she even told me to use it as an investment. My sister has been telling me about that and so to have a new necklace this Christmas is not bad at all. I know I am on a tight budget but this one is instalment and I can pay it next month for first month instalment. I grabbed the offer right away, it has been so long already that I really want genuine jewellery and anyway I have nothing new on Christmas so it is indeed the right time for me to have something new this Holiday Season.

The necklace has a cute heart shape pendant and it has 18k, remember my necklace from before? The necklace that pawned my sister to me oh well she already got that and I swear to GOD not to accept any pawn jewellery from her because she can take it anytime and it saddened me. I mean that jewellery has been with me for a bit long time already and she just paid me after years no matter how I asked her not to, I mean in the pawnshop it has been forfeited already if it stayed there for long with interest. The owner can’t claim it anymore because you were not able to renew it.

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