She Wore Something She Like On Their Christmas Party

The other day, I tagged my kids along with me to buy clothes for my youngest daughter. Mj needs not to wear any new clothes since they will just wear P.E. uniforms on their Christmas Party. I just made a promise to her that I will buy her new rubber shoes next week after Christmas.

So what we bought for Faith, actually I didn’t choose what she will wear on Christmas party but she did. We tried to show any other clothes but she loves the one that she spotted in one of the displays. Before we went to the mall she already thought what she want and that is a dress that Elsa wore in Frozen. My goodness as long as I can remember they wore gowns, I was crossing my finger that we won’t see any gowns in the mall. And thank GOD we didn’t however the one that she picked is worth more than a thousand. Oh I have to thank Ser Chef because his payment came on time, so Faith was able to get what she likes to wear on her Christmas Party. We also bought her a pair of boots, we picked the doll shoes but there’s a customer there suggested that the best pair for that we picked is a pair of boots. So Mj went around finding boots for Faith, and we found one that cost almost a thousand, I thought to bring them to a fancy restaurant but I changed my mind, we incurred what we had expected.

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