I Am Thankful For This Year

It is 4 days to go and its Christmas, yet I still didn’t shop for gifts for my nieces and nephews. I was too busy prioritizing shopping for the exchange gifts for the club and for the school. The school party was just yesterday, my daughters were very happy to receive their gifts.  Today instead of thinking to shop for the gifts that I will give to my kids, nieces and nephews, we will be going out to shop for foods. How I wish to pay the down payment of the speaker for my Karaoke, I’ll have to see if the budget is right. My daughter was sad to know that I could not buy the guitar that she likes, as she wants to play guitar on Christmas Eve. I was thinking instead of buying her the guitar, why not the speaker that I like so we can sing all together.

If my eldest daughter asked for guitar, my youngest daughter as well asked for cool vandoren saxophone reeds at Musicians Friend, my husband and I wanted so much as well to give all the music instrument that they like this Christmas but we have to set it aside for other things. Those are their Christmas Wish, mine is the house and a speaker for our Karaoke. How I wish to get what we want this Holiday season. I know Christmas is not for material things that we acquire but how to be thankful to the LORD and sang with praises of the blessings that He gave us this year.

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