School P.E. Uniform for Christmas Party

I am already computing how much would I incur for the clothes of my kids for their upcoming Christmas Party. I was shaking my head as I window shop for clothes, the prices are already too high already.  And we are really in a tight budget. Faith will be having a white dress since they are requested to wear white as their theme. I am waiting for Mj’s request however I could not hear any, it is so rare to happen that she won’t ask for anything new this coming Christmas party, later I found when I asked her about it she said their school is requiring them to only wear School P.E. uniform and she told me that with a sad face.

If she was very sad about it, I was so happy to know it. I can save the money for other things perhaps her gift on Christmas Eve. This week is really hard for us, because ever since this month begins, we already incurred lots of expenses. First Saturday of the month, we have to go to another province for competition and that means we need to pay our travel expense, competition fee, snacks, meals and all. Not to mention that Mj needs a new swim suit, good thing I bought that with discount from Ying Fa thanks to my friend Ate Gina. The second week, we have to mind our Christmas Party, so I did a Christmas shopping for gifts for her coach and for the kris kringle, we also need to pay the entrance fee and the wave pool, we also have to spend for our foods but good thing I was able to bring enough foods when we went home from the pool.

So today or tomorrow I will just have to buy gifts for my eldest and youngest daughter, I will buy that white dress or white shirt or whatsoever as long as it is white for Faith and foods they will going to bring and oh no I also need to grocery shop and oh the bills! Sigh!

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