What I Shop Before Christmas

We are not actually ready for Christmas; my husband did not send us a budget to shop for gifts and the like. So slowly, when he sends me money for some other things, I would set aside some extra for some certain things.

It has been a while that I haven’t bought a bag for myself, which is good because I was able to spend it to other very important things. I have to thank for my friend from Texas, because she gave me a nice bag when she was here last August. But since I always used it every day, I have put it in a box and started to eye some affordable bags. This is what I got from my recent shop with my sister, geez my sister was with me and since it is Christmas I bought her one bag as well. I was not able to take a picture of her bag but it was more stylish than mine. She has the color blue bag, my favorite color. So anyway here is my new bag.

 photo HPIM1836_zps0d3fdf49.jpg

Our Kris Kringle for the club is already on Saturday, sigh we don’t have the official meeting before the party because we were not able to go to the club house since Mj’s ear is still infected and it is painful. The Doctor said she needs to rest it so it won’t infect more. But maybe tomorrow she told me she have to swim. Anyway, it was the first week of December that my friend (from the pool) and I agreed to meet somewhere to shop for some prizes for the games for our Christmas party.

Upon looking at those cute little things we just saw in this shopping mall, I found this couple pen so interesting. I am sure whoever to own this one, they would love it. And mind you when I tried this at home, it is not an ordinary ball pen but sign pen. And this is only for P13.00 that’s for whole sale price. We bought this one in DCLA; it is like Divisoria here in Davao that all the items are sold for cheaper price.

 photo HPIM1837_zps1a5dd51d.jpg

And lastly, I got this from my friend Bliss who shopped early for Christmas. Her way not to be panic during holiday season she shopped already last month, gifts for her kids’ teachers, her kids gifts and etc, etc. Mine is already a bit late, if I didn’t remember that our Kris Kringle in the club is this week, I wouldn’t care to shop for Christmas gifts this week. Faith’s teacher and Mj’s tutor was already included with my shopping for gifts yesterday. Two more to go and I am done, why two because the Kumon teachers were not included yet maybe by tomorrow or next week, I will also be shopping for them.

 photo HPIM1968_zpsce31115e.jpg

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