Midnight Sale Last Night And Tonight

We went home a little bit late last night from the training and even it was already too late, the street on our way home was too busy. The traffic was really heavy, I even checked if there was an accident but there was none. I just found out tonight in the training venue that the traffic was caused by midnight sale in the malls. The shoppers were rushing in since it was payday last night; one friend even told me that there were some sales in jump suit or bathing suit in one of the malls. The brand was known for its quality, it was not the same brand with the one that we always purchased. This is a different brand. But too bad I don’t have budget to buy a new bathing suit for my eldest daughter, the jumpsuit or bathing suit that she is always using for her training is the same old one. We will have to wait for a budget so we can buy a swimsuit, especially when her size is already too expensive compared before.

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