I’ll Sing A Song For Myself On Christmas

My eldest daughter is begging me to give her a new guitar on Christmas, she loves to strum on her guitar but sad to say the one that she have now does not sounds good at all. She was also asking me if we could give her frontman 25r, together with the new guitar, it is a kind of amplifier for the guitar that will make the sounds clearer. However, we can’t give her those together maybe one at a time when we prove that she is really doing good with her studies. And besides when it’s Christmas, she is not the only one or her youngest sister we will be thinking about, we definitely will give some gifts and stuffs to our cousin’s daughters and sons. Yeah, ever since I am always the Santa Claus in the family during holiday season but sometimes how I wish a Santa would come to me and grant all my wishes. But since it will not come true this year, I would probably sing a Christmas song for myself with my eldest daughter playing with her guitar.

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