Hang Them On Either Online Or In A Garage Sale

My niece is asking me for some capital for a business that she would like to put up. She said her friend established this kind of business online and it’s really quiet a boom. But the capital is also so heavy in the pocket, so I told her since she  really wants to sell clothes online, why not try the business first? She had many clothes that she is not using for like years now and they are still in good shape so rather than stocking it up inside her cabinet or dumping it all, she just have to display them online if she wants or hang them in the garage and putting a sign that it is all for sale. Place a mirror nearby so it would be easy for the costumers to try themselves the clothes and checking them. Here’s one tip as well to those who would like to try selling this online or in a garage sale. If you are doing this online take a picture of your clothes hanging from a clothes line or coat rack. Stow baubles in a muffin tin for your jewelry to prevent tangles.

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