When Is The Best Time To Buy?

Christmas is fast approaching and this means shopping spree is just around the corner. But being a mom I am always on the lookout when is the best time to shop for me and for my kids. Most of the time, I just set aside myself and I will prioritize my kids’ stuff especially during holiday season. I just read this in one of the magazines that I just purchased, the best time to buy is during end of season and during clearance sale. This is the perfect timing to shop especially when you shop for clothing because the stores will need to sell some old clothes for inventory to give way to the new ones. The clothes might run out of style but that’s not important right? It is just the way you carry with the old styles, for me the most important is the price of the clothes that I will have to buy. It is also better if you scour the department stores because they have the most affordable clothes than of those boutiques in the mall.

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