Wise Cross Cutting

I guess I have this character from my Dad; he influenced me so much in regards to for spending. My Dad always have this mini notebook before and would always write down all the things that we need and there are times I saw a list that was scratch and that list supposed to be intended for him, like a new shirt but in the end he just set it aside so he can attend our needs. Thanks to his work before because instead of shopping us school materials, those were free already from his company. So I have new notebooks, new papers, new pencils and those were free. We struggle always for our budget ever since my Mom died but my Dad tried everything to keep the budget intact and save, I was a witness of it.

Saving money is very essential especially during emergency. How to save? Even a hundred every day in the bank would do, and I am doing that so even I spotted some new clothes in the mall and it’s for sale when the money left in my wallet is intended for savings, it always goes to the bank and not to the mall. I am the living proof of how important it is to save when I got sick. My husband wired me some money but the remittance that he used to send me was offline. Good thing I have my savings and I used it for check-up and for my medicines if I don’t have savings, I might not be able to see a Doctor on that day and the next day I might already end up, admitted in the hospital.

It is good to eat out with our family but we have to be careful of our spending, we can eat out but sometimes only. I would rather cook at home than to eat out, I mean everything at home is very affordable if you cook. I am not a good cook but I am trying and I have to thank the technology because I can easily find recipes online and it’s free. Through technology also that we were able to save posters for ABC’s or some visuals, we can just print the alphabets and so my youngest daughter can learn from those.

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