A Very Affordable Jeans In The Mall

I handed my niece some money on her birthday so she could buy some clothes for herself. I noticed that all her things are all worn out already and her jeans, its color are all faded. So aside from the dinner I set for her birthday at home, my husband and I agreed to give her some money.

It has been weeks already that I didn’t notice she bought something on herself on her birthday so I thought she gave her money to her Mom. I asked her one day if she already bought something for herself she said she doesn’t have time yet to go to the mall, yesterday when she was preparing herself to go to school, I noticed that she wore a new pair of jeans, I asked her if that was new she said yes, I asked also how much she answered it was only P250.00 and the brand is JAG. I was amazed, it is so affordable. My niece said one of the oldest malls here in the city has a mall wide sale so she took the chance to buy the pair of jeans that she wants. JAG is one of the branded jeans here in the Philippines, it has durable materials so it won’t get worn out right away, mostly the cost of these jeans would reach to P1, 000.00 but I think my niece got a good deal. She invited me to visit the mall as they are still on sale for selective items.

I am happy though that my niece was able to buy something for her, I was in her shoe before when no one in my family could afford to buy something for me. I know the feeling of being left out because I could not afford anything for myself; at least with my small blessing she is able to enjoy it.

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