Savings Will Be Freeze

So that’s it! I will have to freeze the savings of my daughter in her bank since she is always asking for an extra for her allowance at school. We already agreed that the half of her allowance at school would be going to her savings in the bank but nowadays she’s having a hard time already since the snacks at school are all overpricing. She had like P3, 000.00 in her account, I guess we just have to withdraw that and buy her a pair of shoes.

These past few days, she has been complaining of her shoes and she wanted to buy a new pair. Tomorrow we will be withdrawing all her money in the bank and will purchase a pair of black shoes for her school and when there is some money left; she is also thinking to buy a new blouse. Anyway, her school shoes has been a year already, so I guess the durability already expired. She said it has holes that the water would come in every time it rains. I am also already out of budget since I have to save for her savings. Now if she wants to save, she should do it on her own this time.

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