My Own Way For Fashion, A Bag And Wallet Should Be Match

When I was looking for my TIN ID in my wallet, I found out that my wallet is already busted. The coin area, the metal is not already attached to the leather, so when I open the other small compartment, I could also see the other side. I am a wallet fanatic and I want it always to be in good shape, so aside from bags I don’t feel like comfortable when my wallet is not fixed. Oh well the wallet that I bought a year ago is not that expensive so if ever I will have money this time, to buy a new one will not be heavy in my pocket. I mean it’s all worth it; the wallet served me one year already with a very cheap price so it’s no big deal if I will buy another one and if the budget is right.

My bag now is color white so I might choose the same color for my wallet, or maybe it has a spot of white. Yes, I picked the same color for my bag and wallet, I don’t know why I always want it to have the same color or if I can the same style as well. I always want both the wallet and the bag to be match, at least I have my own way of fashion or can you ever call it a fashion already? What about you? Do you like for your bag and wallet to be match?

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