New Look Because Of A Dream

The other night, I dreamed that I had my hair curled but did not like the outcome so I cut it right away. I was thinking of it the next morning, it has been a while anyway that I would like to have a new look. I even thought to have a haircut the other month, but I was just stopped because I was late already to fetch my youngest daughter. Yesterday I made my dream come true, I have it curl for the first of my life.

The process was longer since they have to use an electricity to insert in the curls that they used but in the contrary of my dream, I like the outcome. It is not the usual kinky looks but different, the curl is not big not even small, it was enough for me to have a new look. The staffs also give me a cream to use after bath, it helps my curl to have a wet look and not dry.

So far I love having a curly hair, my two daughters keeps on touching my hair, even my youngest said I looked like a singer princess. I am not sure where did she get that from. I just love it.

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