My New Flip-Flops Slash Sandals Or Whatever

 photo HPIM1603_zpsdcc48a45.jpgThis has been purchased recently but because I always wear this one everyday like everyday, as if I don’t have anything to wear at all, it gets worn out right away. Yes I thought to buy another sandals this time, the flat one as I am really planning to buy a dress for me to wear as well aside from jeans and a shirt, I also want to try something new and the best match  for simple dress is a flat fashionable sandal I would really have to give it a try.

This elevated flip-flop slash sandals I guess, is really light to the feet. I mean it is not heavy at all unlike with other sandals that has the same style as this. The sole is also so soft that you would enjoy walking. This one is a bit expensive though because of the brand but its all worth it. This is so cool too when I have to send my eldest daughter to her training very soon.

I have to thank my husband for picking this one for me, I know we are on a tight budget but because I want it, he bought it for me.

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