Congratulations Philippines!

Everyone I guess watched the Miss World on TV yesterday and waited for the announcement of who won the Miss World, I have read some status online of the updates and this includes the top 10 until top 6 for Miss World. Megan Lynn Young nailed it; she won the Miss World title. After 62 years, Philippines got the crown again but this journey was not easy at all as there were many issues that Megan encountered along the way, there was the issue of disqualification because of her picture in one of the magazines here, but Maegan surpassed it all. It didn’t end there as well because few hours from getting the crown, Ms. USA filed a complaint stating that Megan Young does not deserve to be crowned as she was born in the states and just went to live in the Philippines at 10 years old but I guess no one can stop us Filipinos to reign when it comes to brains and beauty. I don’t know what happen to the complaint but what matters most now is our own Megan Young a Filipina won the Ms. World. Congratulation Philippines and Congratulations Megan Young, we are so proud of you!

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