I Want To Change But I Can’t

I sometimes got confused of what I want to wear, as I said to my previous post I also want to give wearing a dress a try. I mean there are dresses there that we can wear that are not too stylish, or too Sunday dress but when I purchased things for myself in the mall, I always ended picking up with jeans and shirt. I mean please I want to change my clothing lines but I can’t. I feel too awkward to wear dresses, I feel like I don’t look nice or good wearing one. Anyway, as I didn’t pick any dress when I and my husband went to the mall just recently I just went to shoes department to pick up some flip flops like since the one I have was busted already. The one that my husband picked up for me is the one that is elevated, I feel good wearing it because it is so soft that even it is elevated, I don’t get tired of walking because aside as it is so soft, it weigh so light when I walked. Have I mentioned before not to overuse things but I guess I did not follow it because until now I haven’t buy any other sandals or flip flops for replacement everyday just like what happen to my bag that was given to me, I always put things aside to buy my own things because bills are always in the priority list.

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