Footspa as its Best

Every time my husband went here, he would always ask me to go to a spa so he can have a foot spa, manicure and pedicure. You know how expensive those services in the states, he would rather wait for his flight here than to spend some money for that service in his place. He always told me that the manicure and pedicure is very cheap here in the Philippines not only affordable though but he would always get a very nice service so he will never doubt to give them some tips. On the day he arrived here, right after we had our breakfast, we immediately went to the mall right away, while he got his feet cleaned, the girls also got their hair cut as it has been a while they wanted to have it even my youngest daughter joined them. I just had my nails cleaned this time no nail art or whatsoever, maybe next time when we visit here again I will.

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