Matched Watch

My husband bought me a new wrist watch last June when he was here. I really wanted to have a wrist watch that doesn’t give up easily, the one that I bought since it is very cheap. It was damaged right away after a month of using it. Now my husband surprised me with another wrist watch again, this time it is a match. There’s a bigger wrist watch that is for him and a small one that is for me and we will be wearing it at the same time on a special occasion, maybe on our wedding anniversary, which will happen very soon. I am so excited to wear the wristwatch with a match of his wristwatch. My husband is really making up for me and the kids for a long absence, maybe nearly 3 years that we were separated by continents and seas now he is with us here finally although he still have to go back to the states for next month for another eye check-up and varicose veins laser operation.

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