Hiking Shoes For My Husband

Last Monday, I just stayed here at home waiting for my delivery but it was not delivered. I had been calling the LBC and they said it will be delivered maybe late as 8 in the evening. At 8:00 p.m., I called them again and told them that there is no delivery that was arrived in my doorsteps. And so I just got the number of their office here in the city so I can talk to the staff myself. It was late but I still tried my luck and I was right because somebody answered my call. And so I gave out my whole details and the tracking number as well. He advised me to call them early in the morning by tomorrow. I called them around 8 in the morning and I was able to talk to the one who will deliver my order and we agreed instead of the right place where I can pick my item.

This item is so special to me; this will be my gift to my husband who is trying so hard nowadays to lose weight. He has been walking like an hour just to stay fit as it is also advised by her Doctor. So since he loves to walk, hiking shoes could be the right gift for him on our anniversary. Yesterday, the delivery man went to Precious School just to hand me the item, I am so excited, I hope my husband like this and I am crossing my finger that the hiking shoes will fit on him.

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