Advil For My Acne

I hate my pimple, it grows bigger and bigger every day. My husband suggested to put a warm compressed water on my nose and somehow pop it but I can’t it would be too risky and painful. My niece suggested of an Ice damped on my nose but I just ignored her. Until my niece Moreen told me about Advil, I mean what I have now is not pimple anymore but Acne. It is a good idea; I mean it is logical for me that somehow an Advil can work alright for my pimple. So I bought an Advil, get a needle and poke the capsule for the liquid to leak. And then I put the liquid of the Advil to my nose. It is itchy at first but it seems like it is working. I hope it would really work so I don’t have to go to a dermatologist because I am sure they are quiet expensive.

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