This Necklace Is No Longer Mine

I am not sure when was my sister pawned the necklace to me so she can send her son to the clinic for check-up. If this was pawn in the pawnshop I am sure they will add an interest or worst you can’t already take it back if you did not pay the interest. Anyway, yeah I thought this would be mine already since she did not pay me on the right time but sad to say this could be no longer mine.

The other night, sister went here to get back the necklace as an offset of the Avon items I ordered from her. I could have said no but of course it is her necklace so I can’t do anything with it. I am here now missing the necklace, sigh!

 photo 1afcdb12-c7e5-4142-a947-460a06cbb8a6_zps3cb6ec19.jpg

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