I Have A Big Pimple On Top Of My Nose

Yeah, of all part of my face, the pimple has to land on top my nose. And this is not like an ordinary pimple that is small; it is so big that I could even see it in my two eyes. There were days last few weeks that I don’t wash my face, I guess this is one of the reasons why I got a pimple. It has been a while now that I don’t see any pimples in my face and here I am today. So for it to dry on its own, I am trying to wash my face before I sleep, even how sleepy I am, I really have to take time for my face. My husband suggested getting a cloth and soaking it in a hot water, and then I will touch the cloth to where my pimple is and poke it right away. Geez, it could be so painful! My niece advised me to get an Ice and damped it in my pimple so it will dry the next morning but I also disagree. I want to take the step by step procedure or slow healing but sure. And yes wash my face, use the face wash that I am using for a while now and let’s see, if it won’t still dry, maybe I really have to buy an ointment for my big pimple on my nose.

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