It Is Ber Once Again

It is indeed Ber we can’t hold on the time any longer, it is really getting faster and before we know it, it is already December. Yahoo!!! Yeah this is how early we are starting our Christmas in the Philippines, I even saw some Christmas Decors sells on the side of the street in the last week of August. I would take a picture of that when I get the chance. Geez, it is Ber once again and I can smell already the shopping spree at the mall. There is a problem though; when it is shopping spree of course you need money or budget to buy what you want. You should start saving now for the big sale in the mall, I would expect a big crowd in every corner of the mall but on a second thought maybe not because there are already 2 malls that are open in the north I am sure the customers from there would go to there since it is the nearest, the customers will be divided for sure. Hmmm, I wonder what kinds of gifts I should buy for the kids this time.

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