So Proud Of Her Hard Work

Mj is so happy with her newly upgraded guitar; I mean at least it sounds good now that she used the guitar of her uncle. As I said, she install the string of her guitar to her uncle’s guitar since her own guitar was busted just months ago. I witnessed her hard work and I was even amazed with the outcome. If she only have the CruzTOOLS Tools at musician’s friend maybe it could have been easier for her to fix her guitar, she would call it her guitar now since she is officially using it at school. But sad to say that she was in a hurry and I don’t have time or any chance to buy her some tools to fix it, but even though without tools she was still able to do what it needed to do with her music buddy. She finished it too late at night but her happiness when she done it right was overwhelming. I can see her eyes glowing in the morning.

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