Selfie Addict

I was laughing out loud with the video that I just watch in FB, a friend shared it to her wall and I got curious so I also watch it. It was called selfie addict or selfie thingy or loving to take pictures of her selfie that it became the trend in social networking sites. So what is selfie, it is an act of loving oneself much that you always take picture of yourself of whatever you are doing or wherever you went. Selfie has become viral first in Instagram I guess then it went on and on, different angles of yourself or even you just woke up, you grabbed your phone and just click the camera even you still have eye discharge from sleeping. And yeah it is some sort of modeling yourself about everything and anything in the world.

But this girl in the video is the worst selfie addict, why? Because at the end of the video, she was already hit by a car because of her being so selfie. (taking picture of herself in the middle of the road) and yet even she was already lie down on the street bleeding, she still reached for her phone to take a picture of herself with a hash tag #call911 #emergency #badlyhurt. LOL and that is so fun but annoying hahahaha! Are you also a selfie, well you must not take a picture in the middle of the road or you might end up like her. LOL

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